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“Oasis” is like a dazzling wave of warm emotion. Zironi tells the dreamy story of lovers straying from the flaws of every day life. "Whilst writing Oasis I had autumn colours in my eyes, thinking of a place where worries and issues don’t exist. I found a warm corner in a beautiful castle just outside Berlin and it just felt like I had found that place, comforting and safe, an oasis in the coldness of autumn."

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Cover art of Violetta Zironi's single 'Oasis'
Cover art of 's  'Little Wound'

Little Wound

The Italian folk singer Violetta Zironi released her single 'Little Wound'(feat. Californian Songwriter Ed Prosek) on September 14th.

Cover art of 's  'One More Goodbye'

One More Goodbye

Melancholic serenade striped down to its simplicity of an outstanding voice and melody, telling the tale of a lover who's decided to leave.

Cover art of 's  'Half Moon Lane'

Half Moon Lane

This song is an ode to the folk of the American music scene.

Cover art of 's  'Toast'


The track describes the desire for an emotional link to a significant one.

Cover art of 's  'Don't Make Me A Fool'

Don't Make Me A Fool

This song describes the relationship to someone, that accompanied her for a longer path in her life.


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