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Melodies. Adventures. Stories. This is what I live for....

I started playing music at a very young age, strongly encouraged by my supportive parents. I started piano at the age of 5 — classical pieces were the soundtracks to my long afternoons after school growing up. As a teenager, I discovered folk and jazz music, and picked up a guitar...

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Another Life -
From Tape to Blockchain

My second NFT album, the follow up collection to Moonshot, is coming early February 2023. Another 5 original songs, this time each paired with a collection of 5K hand drawn PFPs inspired by the music. The public mint will be 0.1 ETH.

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0.10 ETH
5200 Supply

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Pretty soon I began writing songs and playing small shows in my little Italian hometown. At the age of 18, my music career was blooming and I signed to a major label. It being apparent that the label and I had different goals. I wanted to make music that I deeply, deeply loved. The rawness of real instruments, the craft of hands, voice, and soul. That was what I was drawn to. The label wanted to follow the trends.

So I became an independent artist, and I still am to this day.

I moved to London, and realized that the world is a lot bigger than I imagined. There was some learning to do! I met so many talented musicians and heard so many amazing ideas. In the end, it all reinforced my passion to create timeless melodies and share the most human of stories. For years I toured Europe and the US, writing songs, writing songs, and writing songs all over again! Collaborating and sharing the stage with amazing people along the way.

In 2017 I moved to Berlin, where I met my long term collaborators and co-writers - Ed Prosek and Michael Hunter Ochs. The creative team of my dreams. Friends who shared the love for handmade art and wanted to carry people with us on this crazy musical journey. I was also lucky enough to experiment with acting, and had the opportunity to co-star in a Netflix production - Rose Island. Another way of connecting with people and good stories.

At the beginning of 2022, everything changed. I discovered NFTs and a door to an unexplored world! I decided to jump in. I’ve since released 2 music NFT collections and I’m every grateful that both sold out quickly. My Moonshot collection, 5 original songs (co-written with Michael Hunter Ochs) with 2500 unique artworks has been the driving force in the creation of a tightly knit community of passionate music lovers — the Moonshoters — and we are all on the journey together. At the moment Moonshot is the best selling music NFT collection from a female singer songwriter in the world. I cannot express how much I appreciate each and every person who is walking on this path with me. The road ahead is long…and exciting!

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Performed by Violetta Zironi & Ed Prosek

Come What May...

“Come What May” is disarming in its simplicity, one might even say purity: initially based around just soft guitar and their effortless harmonizing, the song seems to long for an era gone by, all the way back to the 50’s, one in which very few of us lived, but an all too easy time to want to escape to for a few precious moments, especially given the sullen state of our current world.