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Cover art of Violetta Zironi's single 'Hungry To Kill'

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Hungry To Kill

Oct 25th 2019

'Hungry To Kill' is a pop single that effortlessly combines elements of French chanson and Italian melodies, while preserving Violetta's familiar songwriting approach. Violetta illustrates a nightmare she once had, too blinded by love to realize the insanity inside her partner ending up with her being killed by him. The song's charmingly ironic message, through a contrast between dark lyrics and a lightness of music, makes you understand how we can lose sight of bigger problems.

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Cover art of  single 'When I Wake'

When I Wake

Sep 13th 2019

When I wake is the most extreme representation of the most classical side of Violetta Zironi.

Cover art of  single 'Scenes From My Lonely Window'

Scenes From My Lonely Window

Jun 13th 2019

“Scenes From My Lonely Window” is a collection of songs that tell you so much about my feelings and my life.

Cover art of  single 'Lonely Window'

Lonely Window

Jun 13th 2019

“Lonely Window” is heartfelt, emotional and will introduce you to the next chapter of 2019.

Cover art of  single 'Oasis'


Nov 2nd 2018

“Oasis” is like a dazzling wave of warm emotion. Zironi tells the dreamy story of lovers straying from the flaws of every day life.


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