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Melodies. Adventures. Stories. This is what I live for....

I started playing music at a very young age, strongly encouraged by my very supportive parents. Piano was my first instrument, when I started at the age of 5, and classical pieces were the soundtracks to my long afternoons after school growing up. As a teenager,  I discovered folk and jazz music, and picked up a guitar. I started writing songs and playing small shows in my little Italian hometown. At the age of 18, my music career started and I signed to a major label. Not long after, I realized that the label and I had different goals. I wanted to make music that I deeply, deeply loved. The rawness of real instruments, the craft of hands, voice, and soul. That was what I was drawn to. So I became an independent artist, and I still am to this day.

I moved to London, and realized that the world is a lot bigger than I expected. I had some learning to do. I met so many talented musicians and heard so many amazing ideas. In the end, it just reinforced my passion to express melodies and stories. For years afterwards, I toured all over Europe and the US, writing songs, writing songs, and writing songs all over again! Collaborating and sharing the stage with people along the way. Learning.

Then I moved to Berlin, where I met some of my long term collaborators and co-writers. The creative team of my dreams. Friends who shared the love for handmade art and wanted to carry people on this crazy musical journey. I also got the chance to experiment with acting, and had the opportunity to appear in a Netflix production. Just another way I can connect to good stories.

At the beginning of 2022, I discovered NFTs and a window to a whole new unexplored world opened up before me. I decided to jump straight in. I saw this as an opportunity to interact and really get to know the people that connect with my music. From now on, those people are going to be able to own my music. I think that's a pretty cool thing.

I’m releasing my first music NFT on Feb. 1st, and it will just be the beginning. The journey continues, and I can’t wait.



My first NFT collection, "Handmade Music", is a series of one take, intimate, live recordings of original songs in their purest form. The exact way they were written. As if I was playing them just for you, in the corner of your living room.

More big announcements coming soon! In the meantime, keep up with me on Twitter to get the latest updates.

Gypsy Heart

1/5 Collection

The first song of this collection, a raw recording of “Gypsy Heart”. This self portrait song expresses my longing for adventure and lets you into my truest self. Recorded live, in one take, played and sung by me.

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Latest Music

Come What May

Performed by Violetta Zironi & Ed Prosek

“Come What May” is disarming in its simplicity, one might even say purity: initially based around just soft guitar and their effortless harmonizing, the song seems to long for an era gone by, all the way back to the 50’s, one in which very few of us lived, but an all too easy time to want to escape to for a few precious moments, especially given the sullen state of our current world.

Poor Millionaire

"Poor Millionaire" is a biting song, ironic and direct, a musical response to someone who has obviously not behaved well towards her and to which Violetta responds in kind through music. The elegant and sophisticated voice of Violetta enhances the sound, which strongly recalls jazz, and is accompanied by an arrangement of strings that gives the piece a flavor of yesteryear.

When You're
Not Around

With an acoustic guitar heightening Zironi's emotive lyricism, "When You're Not Around" is an honest account of wanderlust. Unveiling a narrative swamped in rich sonics and gliding, evocative vocals, the single sends its listener into a haze.


Donna is the second single from Berlin based, shamelessly nostalgic trio Turista Per Sempre. Made up of multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and producer Matteo Capreoli; drummer and vocalist Benny Glass & his bass playing and  brother, Joscha, this threesome of close friends and family have immersed themselves in composing charming, multilingual love songs that tell tales of the ironies of life.

I Never Needed

"I Never Needed Christmas" is presented as a melancholy Christmas song and full of hope at the same time, which in terms of sound recalls the great classics of the genre but which expresses an original and perfectly current meaning of Christmas.

Hungry to Kill

'Hungry To Kill' is a pop single that effortlessly combines elements of French chanson and Italian melodies, while preserving Violetta's familiar songwriting approach. Violetta illustrates a nightmare she once had, too blinded by love to realize the insanity inside her partner ending up with her being killed by him.

Scenes From My
Lonely Window

“Scenes From My Lonely Window” is a collection of songs that tell you so much about my feelings and my life, probably very much for my own benefit, like I was putting my past thoughts into a box and rationalized them. The whole EP is heartfelt, emotional and will introduce you to the next chapter of 2019.
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11 December 2021

Cinema-Theater at the Palazzo. Film actors and directors supporting theater and live entertainment

Within NEXT VISIONS ,  CINEMA-TEATRO A PALAZZO,  brings some significant and interesting theatrical and musical transpositions of great works related to cinema thanks to the participation of actors known to the public for their performances on the big and small screen...

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1 December 2021


California based Ed Prosek and Italian artist Violetta Zironi are no strangers to blending their respective styles, but with their latest collaboration they’ve landed on something particularly special....

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2 January 2021

Violetta, the girl with the ukulele: from X Factor to Rose Island

The girl with the ukulele is back. After seven years from her debut at X Factor and five years away from Italy, five years of experiences, successes, disappointments, attempts, Violetta Zironi resumes her path in her country. And it does so not only by releasing a new single, I Never Needed Christmas , but also with the lead actress role in the incredible true story of Rose Island directed by Sydney Sibilla streaming on Netflix...

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6 Feb, 2022
The Palazzo

5 Feb, 2022
The Palazzo


Rome, Italy

Rome, Italy



Rose Island (2020)

Il Flauto Magico di Piazza Vittorio (2019)

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